THE TEST made in Italy

The best Italian cuisine in Albania is only +39, the exclusive restaurant that allows to enjoy the best dishes of the Italian culinary tradition: haute cuisine and exceptional wines will donate to its guests unforgettable flavours. +39 represents a unique opportunity for those who want to discover the charm of a worldwide famous cuisine and enjoy the art of highly trained chefs who know how to combine skilfully the typical Italian ingredients.

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+39 expresses the class and elegance typical of made in Italy. The unique location creates a special atmosphere that donates to its guests the emotions and feelings that go beyond the mere food pleasure. Nothing is overlooked and nothing is left to chance, and the comfort and design that characterize this environment are ready to be experienced and enjoyed in every occasion.


+39 accompanies its guests throughout the day, offering different taste experiences, all characterized at the same time by the same standards of quality that make Italian style famous.
Open 24 hours, +39 offers the ultimate food experience, starting from breakfast in the morning until aperitif in the evening and the delicious dishes prepared for lunch and dinner. With +39 every time of the day is the perfect time to explore the exclusivity of Italian products.