THE TEST made in Italy

RESTAURANT The best seafood cuisine in Albania is +39 by Fishop, the exclusive restaurant where you can taste high-quality seafood: its haute cuisine and awesome wines will give unforgettable flavours to its guests. +39 by Fishop represents a unique opportunity for those who want to enjoy the art of our chefs who skilfully mix the seafood of the day with selected raw materials.


LOCATION The location of +39 by Fishop expresses the class and style of a refined design. The exclusive spaces create a special atmosphere that gives to its guests a feeling that goes beyond the mere culinary pleasure. Comfort and design are a special mark of this space, to be experienced and suitable for any occasion.


+39 by Fishop accompanies its guests throughout the day offering different taste experiences, each one of them characterized by a high-quality standard.
Open 24 hours, +39 by Fishop offers a complete food experience starting from morning breakfast until the evening aperitif and the delights of dishes of lunch and dinner. With +39 by Fishop, every moment of the day is the right moment to explore the exclusiveness of the selected products and raw materials, based on taste and simplicity.